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Boss Roofing has been helping customers maintain beautiful roofs for over 30 years. Our knowledge with building codes, requirements, and best practices ensure a hassle free, successful project, every time. We are a Pennsylvania Class A roofing, residential and commercial  contractor.

Generally, residential shingle roofs will last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, however metal, slate, and other similar materials can last up to 50+ years. The service life of a roof is influenced by many factors such as the quality of the roofing materials originally installed, quality of the original installation, if the chimney is properly flashed, was the roof proactively maintained, or whether the roof has been subject to storm damage. Sometimes an issue can be corrected with a fairly straightforward roof repair. At other times, a larger issue is evident and it may require a more extensive solution. It’s always best to get the opinion of a professional, reputable contractor like BOSS. The key is to take action before a small problem becomes a big problem.

Spots on your ceiling: Call BOSS right away! What most people don’t realize is, this doesn’t happen overnight. Usually there’s an underlying problem that’s been building over time. Delayed action can worsen the problem.

Flashing around chimneys and vent pipes: Flashing can be damaged by storms, deteriorate over time due to wear and tear, or simply be poorly installed. Sometimes flashing cannot be visible by looking up at your roof from the ground.

Shingles that are missing, cracked, worn or curled: Any one of these instances should prompt a professional. Missing shingles means that water from rain or snow can penetrate your roof and reach inside your home.

Algae or moss: It’s not uncommon that some rooftops experience some discoloration. But significant growth of algae or moss on your roof is not good.

Buckling or sagging: This situation frequently requires us to look inside your attic and inspect the roof trusses. This is not a situation that you want to prolong.

Boss Roofing Division has built its reputation by focusing on developing 3 key elements:

  • Technique
  • Experience
  • Customer Service

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