Commercial Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections

Why you should hire your own inspector for a new construction inspections?

You are building a new home and you think that hiring an inspector is a waste of money because;

  • One, you are protected by the contractors one year warranty
  • Two, it will be inspected and approved by the municipal code enforcer

These are the two wrong answers, in reality neither the developer, contractor, or the code enforcer is acting in your best interest, they’re acting in their own.

The actual fact is you need to act in your own best interest and hire an inspector to insure you are getting what you paid for. The builder would also like you to believe that any problems that arise after closing will be promptly dealt with during the warranty period. Experience has shown us that sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Is this a chance you’re willing to take?

Mold Inspection

You should have your structure tested for mold if:

You are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • You or a employees are frequently experiencing allergic symptoms, such as stuffy head, headaches, scratchy throat, runny nose, skin rash or itching (dermatitis).
  • You think you see mold but are unable to identify if it is mold.
  • Your building has a musty odor.
  • If you have ever had plumbing leaks or water issues in your office.
  • A landlord or tenant requiring evidence whether there is a mold problem.
  • After mold removal has been done to ensure mold levels have normalized.
  • Make sure your  breathing high quality clean air in your office.
  • You are a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction.

Radon Testing

How do You lower Radon Levels in Your Structure?

  • Caulk foundation cracks, construction joints, and other openings with polyurethane caulk.
  • If you have a sump pump, install an airtight cover on it (choose one that allows access to your sump).
  • Cover soil in crawl spaces with polyurethane plastic sheeting (with a minimum thickness of 6 mil) tightly attached to the walls.
  • You can also try sealing concrete, although the EPA has found concrete sealers to be a temporary solution at best.

Once you have made these repairs, it is suggested that you retest. If we are still getting high levels, the alternative is the  radon mitigation process.

Roof Leak Inspection

Pipe and Tubing:

Thermal imaging cameras are used to assist in the diagnosis and detection of leaks, and for locating hot water pipework in a non-invasive, fast and efficient manner.

Our thermal imaging equipment allows us to measure and detect the changes in surface temperature that is being investigated. These temperature changes are not visible to the naked eye. By identifying surface temperature changes we can pinpoint leaks under concrete slabs, in walls, ceilings, roofing and behind tiled surfaces.

Our thermal imaging cameras allow us to locate leaks where there is no physical evidence of any moisture damage. It also allows us to track the extent of damage to the affected area, most often the leak is never at the point of the visible damage.

Pest Inspection

What You Need to Know

Common concerns for an inspection is who to hire, how is the inspection done, and how will the extermination of the pest should be conducted. that can plague homeowners and homebuyers include determining who pays for an inspection, who to hire, how the inspection is done and how to exterminate the pests once are discovered.

Our inspectors will examine the exteriors, including around the windows, rooflines, rafters and foundations. If they find a soft spot, they will be able to poke a hole in the wood easily with a probing device. This is a normal part of an inspection, if an inspector can poke a hole in the wood, this serves as evidence of a problem far greater than just a small incursion hole.

Our licensed professionals will perform wood pest and termite inspections of the structure to determine damage or the possibility of damage from pests or dry rot conditions.

Common pest inspections targets include wood-boring invaders such as termites,  powder post beetles, insects such as cockroaches or carpenter ants.

The pest report will identify the areas of concern and list our recommendation(s) to resolve any problems. The recommendations may also include any estimates to repair damage structure, and others that our (IR) thermal imaging may find.

Pest inspection is a way to assure your structure has no infestations. A pest inspection will boost the properties value and offer a piece of mind.