Roofing Products

What Type of Roof is Right for You?

You might think that a roof is a roof and that’s that. However, there are different roofing types, depending on the type of building and the material used.

Any part of your home’s exterior can get assaulted by wind, rain, hail, bitter cold, intense heat, strong sunlight, and other weather insults. But your roof typically gets the worst of it. A roof that can take the hits beautifully, year after year, is a worthwhile investment.

Roofing materials take many forms, from metal to natural slate, but asphalt shingles are the most common residential roof covering in the U.S. Consumer Reports tests asphalt shingles from brands including GAF, DaVinci, and others for strength as well as resistance to wind, impact, and nail pull-throughs. But no matter what type of roofing you seek, Boss Roofing Group will help find the best roofing for your home, we test, evaluate, and compare roofing for performance and longevity so you can make the best decision.

  • GAF – Most Popular
  • Timberline® HDZ
  • Timberline® UHDZ™
  • Designer Shingles
  • Slateline
  • Camelot II
  • 3-Tab shingles
  • Royal Sovereign
  • Timberline Solar™ shingles
  • DaVinci Roofscapes
  • Multi-Width Shake
  • Single-Width Shake
  • Select Shake
  • Bellaforté Shake
  • Slate
  • Multi-Width Slate
  • Single-Width Slate
  • Province Slate
  • Inspire Slate

  • Velux
  • Skylights
  • Blinds
  • Sun Tunnels
  • Attic Fans