Defend your Home from Water Damage with Gutters and Downspouts

Keeping your roof drainage system in good shape is an important factor in protecting your home from water damage, it keeps water from streaming into walls, doorways and basements. But you can also use your drainage system to enhance the look of your home and be as aesthetically pleasing as it is effective.

Design for Roof Drainage Systems

The location, appearance and building type all influence the design of a roof’s drainage system. These factors determine the slope, roof area and the areas of rainfall intensity. They will determine the location of scuppers, roof drains, downspouts and gutters. Calculating the size of gutters and downspouts includes determining location and spacing, calculating roof area, sizing the downspouts, sizing the gutters and estimating rainfall intensity.

Roof drainage is one of the most important designs of a roof and roof coverings. However, no roofing system is complete without controlled drainage.

This is where gutters and downspouts become such an important part of roof drainage and is important for protecting your basement and the health of your home.

Gutters have come a long way over the last couple hundred years, it’s still fair to say that most guttering systems are high maintenance. Homeowners with uncovered gutters need to clean them out regularly; and after severe weather they need to be inspected as they may have been damaged.

Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters & Downspouts