Roof Installation or Full Roof Replacement

New Construction vs Installation

No roof can last forever. Depending on the type of roof on your home, it could last anywhere between 15 to 40 years. Using quality materials and the proper installation methods, Boss Roofing Group makes sure that your new construction has a quality roof that is built to last.

Before our contractors begin on a new construction roof installation or full roof replacement, we will discuss the types of roof materials that will be used. There are several materials to choose from based on the structure of your home, the climate in your location, budget, and your aesthetic.

The roof is a complicated system of rafters, beams, battens, flashing, and other materials. Building a brand-new roof consists of two phases: roof construction & roof installation.

Roof construction deals with the structure of the roof, and Roof installation deals with the “exterior” of the roofing system.

Ariel View of Roof